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Welcome to the discipline "Dancing". Love to dance? You want to measure forces with other good dancers? Subscribe now to participate in VOUBS competitions. Win great prizes with your hobby and passion. Share your photos or videos on the topic. Participate and win now.

Turn your hobby into art

You can find many events dedicated to dancing with attractive prizes. Dance is a form of performance art consisting of consciously selected sequences of human movement. This movement is aesthetic and symbolic value, and is recognized as a dance by performers and observers within a particular culture.

Join now at various competitions and become a winner. In the discipline you will find the right events for you, where you can participate and win amazing prizes. Here is the place where you publish all online competitions. If your hobby is dancing or your professional activity is associated somehow with this. In this course, you can participate or post online (video, photo and text).

If you want dancers experts and participants from around the world to learn about your event, you only need to post it here. What you need is to have unique footage or videos related to the topic. Browse current and upcoming events and sign up to participate. Take the first steps in the intriguing world of dancing with our support.


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Using the already established and developed VOUBS rules, you not only run your own race within minutes for a minimal investment, but also get access to all already registered users of the platform, which saves additional budget. Make an inquiry via our contact form. We are your most reliable partner for organizing competitions.