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Multimedia contests

You love to combine different forms of expression in your works? Discover the variety of competitions at VOUBS and show us what you are capable of. You think you have what it takes? Subscribe to participate and you can win big cash prizes.

Multimedia is a tool for combining different forms, for example: text; audio; images; animation; video; interactive content. It contrasts with media, using only elementary computer displays, such as text or traditional forms of printed or hand-produced material.

It can be divided into linear and nonlinear categories. Linear include progression without the possibility of navigation by the user, such as during a movie presentation. Non-linear categories use an interactive way of control, as in video games.

Multimedia devices are electronic media devices, used to store and play content. They are widely used in various fields such as: advertising; art; education; entertainment; medicine; business; research.

VOUBS is the place where all online competitions are published. If your hobby is making art through multimedia or your professional activity is in this area. You can participate and publish online (video, audio and text). On the platform you will find suitable projects in which can participate and win great prizes. Join in and become a winner.

If you want participants and users from around the world to learn about your event, you only need to post it on the site. What you need is to have your media related to the topic. Browse current and upcoming events and sign up to participate.


Do you want to make your own online competition, no problem? Here is the right place to do it. Within an hour you can have ready and working product, which will be published in the discipline. Make an inquiry via our contact form. We are your most reliable partner for organizing competitions.

It is suitable for companies, organizations, promoters or innovative entrepreneurs. Competitions with entry fees, prize, money, goods or virtual currency. Using the already established and developed rules of the platform, you not only run your own competition within minutes for a minimal investment, but you get access to all registered users of the website, which will save you an additional budget.