"Дърво и живот" категория Околна среда
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Family window heritage door home family window heritage door home family window heritage door house.

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Mother and son of Lach - ethnic minority people living in LangBian Plateau, Lam Dong Province, Vietnam - are carrying firewood through dry fields. Before that, they had to cut the pine trees in the woods for getting the oily wood. They sell them for their livelihood, and people use them to ignite for cooking. This is a longstanding habit of indigenous minorities though not serious but also acts of deforestation. Forest is not only a national resource but also a natural lung of human life. Without effective protection and exploitation of forests, or the use of free forests for agricultural development, unpredictable consequences such as floods, droughts and climate change... will be affected. This will only lead to poverty and disease.

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Wooden Connection

When humans first started finding ways how to bridge rivers and hard terrains at different environment, wood represented one of the most used and common materials for building bridges.

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