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7puffs new logo design contest
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Concept based on a simple, yet innovative and professional-looking 7 vapor.

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7puffs is an online store for top-quality vaping products from various manufacturers. Vaping is the best alternative of the traditional tobacco cigarettes, providing you with the desirable sense of nicotine, without any tar, tobacco, carbon monoxide, or other harmful chemicals. We offer a wide range of top brands “Vaping delights” which suit your vaping needs and budget. Using our products, you get two major advantages: carefully selected top brands; weekly delights with great discounts For our brand new website we need a logo to be made. Please use: Vaping delights as our slogan!
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2 Days

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24 Септември 2015  -  24 Септември 2015

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24 Септември 2015  -  26 Септември 2015

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24 Септември 2015  -  26 Септември 2015

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26 Септември 2015

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Logo requirements: Style requirements: - the text must be written in English; - the text must be clear and readable; - the text must be related to the company`s subject – vaping products; - the motto "Vaping Delights" is recommended and preferred - the style of the logo must be modern, stylish and simple; - the logo must be original, remarkable and easy to recognize; Technical requirements: - the size of the logo must be minimum 400px width and 400px height; - the logo must be created both in colorful and black/white sample; - the logo must be created in .JPG format; - the logo must include fonts that are free to use; Copyrights: - the winner must grant the rights over the logo, under special written agreement between him/her and the company; - the logo will be used on t-shirts, posters, wallpapers, calendars, brochures, and many other company materials – please consider this when working on your proposal; Other requirements: - the contestant must apply his/her personal information and a short description to the project; - the company will not return projects to their creator, neither will use them under any form; - the company will not take responsibility for any wrong personal data (name, address, telephone number, e-mail and etc.); - contestants, who have sent projects, which were not created by them, will be disqualified;

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