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Best photo for category Animals in Voubs
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Flying back home

Summer of 2014
shot with: Canon eos 1100d с Canon ef-s 18-55mm f/4.0 ,21mm,1/800 s и 100 iso

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Do you enjoy making cool photos? Is this your hobby? Do you want to be rewarded for a photo you have taken? If yes, please, help us to make Voubs a better place and you can win a prize. We are looking for the most suitable images for our general categories. The current contest is especially for the ANIMALS category, which is very important to us. In the future you will be able to participate in video, photo or text contests related to animals here. You can connect, interact and vote for people who work with animals, love animals or share most of their life with animals. Please, upload your best shot for the best cover image of the Animals category. Only high quality images will be accepted. The winner will be paid 200 euro for the photography and his work will be used as a cover photo for the Voubs animals category section. Enjoy and good luck to all of you!
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9 Март 2015  -  9 Март 2015

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9 Март 2015  -  9 Март 2015

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9 Март 2015

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