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Design Contest Cover Image
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Nostalgia Photo Contest

Some of the things we used in the past and grew up with are slowly disappearing due to the rise of new technologies. Upload your photo which shows objects that you used in the past and are now replaced by modern technologies. Examples: typing machine, rotary phone, analog TV, radio, cassette and sth. The photo must be in high quality and with an artistic touch which will bring nostalgic feeling.

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Join our design contest competition & win cash. Click to join design contest & get awarded with best graphic design competition. In this contest we challenge anybody who has the design skills to create a contest cover and the creativity to propose a great contest topic. You must create an image with dimensions of 835x390 px. suitable for a cover photo of your contest. You must choose a contest topic on your own. You must take into account the area which will be covered by logos and contest details. Make sure you keep all essential parts of the image inside the red area: . With this contest image you are actually proposing a contest. You must type in the description - a Contest title and a short description of your contest. The winners will not only get paid in cash - 300, 200, 150 and 100 euro, but also their contest proposals will go live on VOUBS with real cash awards for the participants in it. This is your chance to create something not only for you, but also for other participants. We are looking forward to see who is the best of you. Good luck!
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