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Lip Sync Star
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I am they

From the day You saved my soul

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The first 10 participants brave enough to join this contest will be awarded with free facebook promotion on their video. Are you born to be a music star? You can prove it now! Upload your best possible Lip Sync video performance and win this contest to become the first ever Voubs Lip Sync star. The winner will be awarded with 600 euro! Choose your best song and act like a star. Ask your friends and other voubs users to enjoy your video and vote for you. The highest total score at the end of the contest wins cash award and popularity. Are you in? This is your chance and it`s free. Join now! What does Lip Sync (lip synchronization) means? You are doing a Lip Sync by moving your lips silently on a pre-recorded soundtrack. The miming of the playing of a musical instrument is also called lip-sync. Generally you`d better have music with lyrics playing on the background and you have to move your lips synchronized with the voice from it or you have to mimic like you are playing the instruments. Lip Sync could be a great entertainment for you, your family and friends and thousands of people around the world. See one of our favourite lip sync performance available on the web with more than 16m. views here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aVx6cXf5Liw
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23 Май 2015

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