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Social Issues Photography Contest
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Zhu Huaxiang, the grandmother of the Huang family in the rural Southeastern Chinese village of YingPanXu, cries outside of the family home during her husbands funeral. Friends and relatives try to move her inside and away from the funeral guests to mourn.

In the wake of China’s rapid industrialization, many young people are moving to the city for greater opportunities, or as migrant workers to support their families back home. This phenomenon has created a generation of elderly and very young children who are left behind in the village to live their lives in rural China, alone. Seen through the eyes of the Huang family, ‘Left Behind’ explores how globalization and the exodus of young people to the city for work affects the families they have left behind. The story exposes the life, death and daily struggles of the Huang family and asks the question: what does it mean to be left behind?

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Enter our Social Issues photography contest competition & win cash. Click to join online contest & get awarded with best photography competition. Our world has many problems. Soccial issues in our living regions maybe different or maybe they are all the same. Use your talent, art and creative mind to let us know about the social Issues in your country. Upload it in this contest and send your message to the world. Save nature, wake up society, make your impact now! The winner from the 1st round-public vote will get 150 Euro. The jury will vote in the 2nd round and the first 3 will get respectively - 300, 200 and 100 Euro.
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