What to see in Germany
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Each city of Germany keeps a lot of priceless historical monuments, among them there are architectural masterpieces, and religious shrines, and fascinating museums, as well as a huge number of historical memorials. The hallmark of Berlin is the Brandenburg Gate, the construction of which took place in 1788 - 1791. Today, the building is an important historical site, the checkpoint "Charlie" was transformed into a museum, telling about the times of the "cold" war.


Most of the old buildings were destroyed during the Second World War, miraculously survived St. Hedwig Cathedral, St. Nicholas Cathedral, the Arsenal building, Marienkirche church and the world's largest Berlin zoo. Many historical buildings had to be restored literally from ruins: the German State Opera, Bellevue Castle, the Reichstag, Charlottenber Castle and Kaiser-Wilhelm-Kirche. In Berlin, several dozen museums are open, the most visited are the Egyptian Museum, the Museum of the Prussian Castles Foundation, the Gallery named after Bode, Culture Forum, Museum Island, New National Gallery and Pergamon Museum.


The surroundings of the capital are also quite interesting, the most important sightseeing point is the city of Potsdam. In the 17th century, it served as the residence of the Prussian kings, reminiscent of those times the palace complex Schloss Sansussi. The city has preserved several beautiful mansions, each of which, in addition to architecture, has important historical significance.


Start sightseeing in Hamburg is from the Hamburg Courtyard, but be sure to download the translator. German is not easy and a Translator can simplify this for you. Hamburg Courtyard is a large trading area located in the city center. Famous European-level passages are located here: Hansewirtel, Hansemarkt, Gergof and Neue Hansemarkt. One of the most popular resorts in Germany remains Bavaria. Notable here are not only cultural institutions and buildings, but also magnificent nature. The most famous park is called the Bavarian Forest. Several lakes, rivers and spacious alpine pastures are located on its territory.


History and Entertainment

Germany is associated with modern tourists with a variety of attractions, unique cuisine, historical brewing traditions and beautiful national holidays. The official date of the formation of the German state is February 2, 962, on this day the ceremony of coronation of King Otto I.

Many people prefer to visit the country during the Christmas holidays, when festivals, gastronomic and cultural holidays are held in cities. One of the most important holidays for the country is German Unity Day, it is celebrated on October 3. In every city you can witness interesting entertainments: concerts, theatrical performances in the open air, parades and exhibitions. The holiday ends, as a rule, with a grandiose salute.

Today in Germany you can organize a variety of holidays. In the summer, wonderful beaches are equipped on the Bavarian Lakes, the island of Rügen enjoys great popularity among lovers of beach activities. In winter, first-class ski resorts are available for holidaymakers, the most popular of which is Oberstdorf. In Germany there are world-famous health resorts, including the thermal spa Baden-Baden.

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