eVolo 2020 Skyscraper Competition for High-rise Architecture
Награден фонд: 8000 $
Влез в 135 $

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eVolo Magazine is pleased to invite architects, students, engineers, designers, and artists from around the globe to take part in the 2020 Skyscraper Competition.

Established in 2006 and held annually ever since, it is one of the world’s most prestigious awards for high-rise architecture. The eVolo Skyscraper Competition recognizes outstanding ideas that redefine skyscraper design through the implementation of novel technologies, materials, programs, aesthetics, and spatial organizations along with studies on globalization, flexibility, adaptability, and the digital revolution.

A total of $8,000 will be awarded in 2020 to the best three (3) projects.

Winners and special mentions will be published by eVolo and several international print publications.

The competition is an investigation on the public and private space and the role of the individual and the collective in the creation of a dynamic and adaptive vertical community. It is also a response to the exploration and adaptation of new habitats and territories based on a dynamic equilibrium between man and nature – a new kind of responsive and adaptive design capable of intelligent growth through the self-regulation of its own systems.

There are no restrictions in regards to site, program or size. The objective is to provide maximum freedom to the participants to engage the project without constraints in the most creative way. What is a skyscraper in the 21st century? What are the historical, contextual, social, urban, and environmental responsibilities of these mega-structures?

eVolo 2020 Skyscraper Competition Registration Fees

Early Registration: USD $95 until 19 November 2019

Late Registration: USD $135 from 20 November 2019 to 28 January 2020

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eVolo Magazine



Начална дата

17 Юли 2019  -  28 Януари 2020


17 Юли 2019  -  28 Януари 2020





1st place – US $5000 + additional press distribution by v2com
2nd place – US $2000
3rd place – US $1000
Winners and special mentions will be published by eVolo and several international print publications including the forthcoming book EVOLO SKYSCRAPERS 4. In addition, the results are covered by the most important online architecture and design publications and general media such as The Huffington Post and The Wall Street Journal.


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