The 1st Oriental Kids Picture Book Award
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I. Award background

The picture book is an internationally recognized genre that is most suitable for children to read. Twenty years ago, the picture book was introduced into thousands of families in mainland China as a new concept, and it has profoundly changed the reading ecology of Chinese children. However, it is undeniable that at present, children’s readings are still mostly introduced from foreign countries, and lack of excellent original works that give expression to distinctive national characteristics and individualities, as well as the spirit of the times.

Jiangsu Phoenix Publishing & Media Group (the Group) is one of the largest and most powerful cultural industry groups in China. As the leading company in the Chinese publishing industry, the Group has Jiangsu Phoenix Juvenile and Children’s Publishing Ltd. and other 9 subordinate publishing houses, and also cooperates with famous publishing houses from more than 30 countries and regions overseas. In order to promote the development and prosperity of children’s literature, the Group established the “Cao Wenxuan Children’s Literature Award” in 2017. In order to push forward the development of picture book creation, publishing and picture-book-related industries, the Group established the “Oriental Kids Original Picture Book Award” in April 2019.

The awards are held every two years, with the purpose of discovering and cultivating high-level picture book creators, facilitating the publication and promotion of outstanding original masterpieces, creating a highland of picture book creation and publication, and building the children’s spirit in the new era.


II. Award objectives

1. Promote creation, launch original masterpieces and “go global”.

2. Attract and cultivate picture book talents.

3. Build a cooperation platform to expand the influence of original picture books.

4. Strengthen children’s reading and build children’s spirit in the new era.

5. Drive the development of picture-book-related industries.


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Начална дата

1 Април 2019  -  31 Март 2020


1 Април 2019  -  31 Март 2020





II. Award setting
The “Oriental Kids Original Picture Book Award” is selected every two years. The prizes and bonuses are as follows:
1 first prize, bonus: RMB 100,000
3 second prizes, bonus: RMB 30,000
6 third prizes, bonus: RMB 10,000
1 best text prize, bonus: RMB 5,000
1 best picture prize, bonus: RMB 5,000
1 best creativity prize, bonus: RMB 5,000
1 special care prize, bonus: RMB 5,000
(The above bonuses all include tax. In addition to the bonus, the winner will be granted one trophy and one certificate.)
10 outstanding prizes, each of them conferred one trophy and one certificate.

Общи правила


1. Sample mailing (recommended)
(1) Prepare a sample book, and attach a manuscript to the hand-painted work. Please take protective measures for the sample book and manuscript to avoid damage during the delivery.
(2) Participants are requested to download the registration form on the official website of the contest (, fill in the registration information as per the format and send it together with the work.
(3) Consignee address: Office of the Organizing Committee of Oriental Kids Original Picture Book Award, F2, No. 60, Gaoloumen, Xuanwu District, Nanjing, Tel: 025-83220812
2. Submission online
Submission platform:
Please note the following information when submitting your work online:
(1) Check your login email. (The Organizing Committee will contact you via this email)
(2) Submit the title and brief description of the work.
(3) At least 10 pictures including the cover are required for each entry (electronic document, picture book text required on the picture).
(4) Please save each individual image as JPG format, 72 dpi, RGB mode (please do not use CMYK mode); the longest side is 1024 pixels, and the file is preferably less than 500KB.
(5) Please do not indicate your name or the name of your company in any part of your work submitted.
3. Submission via email
Please package the following documents and send them to
(1) Download and complete the registration form. Please fill out a form for each entry. (Download from or
(2) Please save the image file you submitted as JPG format, 72 dpi, RGB mode. At least 10 pictures including the cover are required for each entry (electronic document, picture book text required on the picture).


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