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Animal/Wildlife photography with/without filters is eligible to enter this contest.
"Animal/Wildlife" is hereby defined as its theme in the contest from the smallest insects to the largest mammals.


Marumi Photo Contest is a newly launched international photography project.
Our goal is to interact with photographers worldwide and give them opportunities to express their work on an international stage.
Creative and highly motivated contributors can be nominated as our photo ambassador of the country in the future to offer them another incentive collaborating with us.
The entry is completely free of charge, and open to all photographers worldwide.

Брой победители





Marumi Optical Co., Ltd



Начална дата

18 Март 2020  -  30 Април 2020


18 Март 2020  -  20 Април 2020


20 Април 2020  -  1 Май 2020



Gold Prize: Marumi Creation Vari. ND2.5-ND500 + MC/Close-Up Set(+1,+2,+4)Silver Prize: Marumi MC/Close-Up Set(+1,+2,+4) + EXUS Lens ProtectBronze Prize: Marumi MC/Close-Up Set(+1,+2,+4)Apart from the above, Filter Prizes may be granted.[Available size]Creation Vari. ND2.5-500: 58, 67, 77, 82mmMC/Close-Up Set(+1,+2,+4): 46, 52, 55, 58, 62, 67, 72, 77mmEXUS Lens Protect: 37, 40.5, 43, 46, 49, 52, 55, 58, 62, 67, 72, 77, 82mm*Number of applications is limited. You can submit pictures up to THREE if the pictures along with the contest theme.*E-mail will be sent to the Prize Winners.*The result will be published beginning of May on this web site, Marumi Facebook and Instagram.

Общи правила


*All entrants must agree to the following terms to enter this photo contest:-All submissions must be original photos taken by the entrant. They must not have been won prizes in other contests.-Pictures that are against contest theme, disrespectful, defamatory or that infringe on the rights of a third party will automatically be disqualified and removed without notice.-Photographic consent must be obtained from the people appearing in a photo.-Marumi Optical Co. Ltd., will not be responsible for any disputes that might arise. Issues must be resolved by the Contest entrant.-Marumi Optical Co. Ltd., will not use any personal information outside of the contest.-All photos must be submitted in digital format only through this site.-Files must be submitted in JPEG format and above 8 megapixels in quality, less than 10MB in size.-Marumi Optical Co. Ltd., will not be responsible for any data damaged during the submission process.-Entrants retain the rights to their own work. However, by entering the contest, they give Marumi Optical Co. Ltd., the right to reproduce, display and publish their photographs, royalty-free.-Whether an entrant is chosen as a winner or not, their photos may be used for any purpose including, but not limited to, advertising and promotion of Marumi Optical Co. Ltd., and its website, social media, and publications.-Marumi Optical Co. Ltd. may provide a translation on the photo title for advertisement, display purposes.-Marumi Optical Co. Ltd. will send messages to the prize winner to ask for sending high-resolution images before the announcement of the contest winners. The winners will be disqualified in case they fail to return a message within the designated period after prize notification by e-mail. Regardless of the reason, Marumi Optical Co. Ltd. accepts no responsibility for any problems associated with a failure in e-mail transmission.


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