Istanbul Photo Awards 2021
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Istanbul Photo Awards is an international news photography contest organized by Anadolu Agency, celebrates 100th year as a global news agency . The contest aims to contribute to the sphere of news photography and offers a perspective shaped by the region’s unique position at the center of diverse cultures. The awards reward endeavors of courageous and talented photojournalists from around the world on merit.  Istanbul Photo Awards has become one of the most widely known news photography contests in the world.
Along with the generous awards of the contest aiming to support the hard work and dedication of news photographers worldwide, the application is totally free
Istanbul Photo Awards receives a lot of attention from photojournalists from all around the world. 11,000 photographers from 150 nationalities sent almost 110,000 photographs to the contest in six years.
In 2015, Daniel Berehulak won the Photo of the Year award with his photograph depicting the Ebola crisis. In 2016, Abd Doumany’s image of an injured Syrian boy was chosen as Photo of the Year by the international jury and in 2017, photographer Frederic Lafargue’s image titled “Escaping from Daesh” was chosen Photo of the Year 2017. In 2018, Damir Sagolj won the Photo of the Year award with the image of a dead boy in refugee camp in Banglades. Ahmad Gharabli's photo of a Palestinian women and Israeli police security officer taking photo of each other chosen as Photo of the Year 2019. Yik Fei Lam, Hong Kong based photojournalist, got the Photo of the Year 2020 award. 
All the winning photographs have the power to engage people against wars and conflicts, and to familiarize them with different cultures. The jury had a very tough time selecting the most powerful photos of the year from such a strong field. Every year international jury meets in Turkey.
In 2020 edition, Photojournalist at NOOR agency Yuri Kozyrev, Paris Match Senior Digital Broadcasting Director Marion Mertens, AFP Director of Photo Business Development Michel Scotto,  Photographer and Author Deborah Copaken, Visual Media Advisor Georges De Keerle, Sports Chief Photojournalist Cameron Spencer, Photojournalist Ahmet Sel, Anadolu Agency Visual News Editor-in-Chief Hasan Oymez and Photography Editor Fırat Yurdakul are the jury members. 
Every year online applications are accepted via The results of the contest announced by the end of jury gathering each year. Award winning photographs will be published in photobook which will be send almost everywhere all around the world to the photography professionals and displayed at exhibitions in significant galleries around the world such as Istanbul, Shanghai, New York, Vienna, Tokyo and Moscow. 


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Anadolu Agency



Начална дата

18 Декември 2020  -  18 Март 2021


18 Декември 2020  -  18 Март 2021





Participants will be able to join the contest in six categories – Story, Single, Sports Story, Sports Single, Story Daily Life and Story Portrait.
The “Photo of the Year” award will be given to the photograph that is first in rank in the Single News category and the photographer will be awarded with $6,000. The winners of each category will be awarded with $3,000, the second-in-ranks with $1,500 and the third-in-ranks with $1,000. Only the first prize winners will be awarded in Story Daily Life and Story Portrait categories. 

Общи правила


   ● Applications are free. Applications are open between 18 Dec. 2020 - 18 Mar. 2021 (UTC+3).  Photographers can change the info and category of the photographs until the deadline.
   ● Photographs contain the relevant and correct information. Submitted photos should be taken in 2020.
   ● All submissions must have necessary information embedded into photographs IPTC like: title, description, creation date, city and country. Photographer has the liability for providing accurate information.
   ● Photography captions must be written in English. Kindly check the caption limits before upload your photos.
   ● No signatures, stamp or any other identifying mark is allowed anywhere on the entry. Photographer's name or company should not be mentioned at the captions.
   ● Digital manipulation and any kind of photoshop effects is not allowed, only basic color corrections are allowed.
   ● Photographers must be the copyright owner of the submitted photographs.
   ● Photographs must not violate any third party rights.
   ● Photographers are invited to apply all categories at the same time, both published and unpublished photos. 
   ● Photographers can apply 4 different photo in Single categories and 2 different stories in Story categories.
   ● Same photo cannot be submitted into two different categories.Story category applications should include 10 photos.
   ● Kindly note that this contest is for professionals only and Istanbul Photo Awards’ jury may ask for proofs of the source of the photo or publications on newspapers, magazines or web sites.
Kindly visit FAQs page:


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