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The metro, local rail or the bus transit being considered the best and most widely accessed modes of transportation, need constant modifications to keep up with the increasing population and requirement of facilities. But to what extent and frequency can we expect these changes to occur? Seating requirement is one of the most common issues, with a changing number of commuters each day and at each station. Having the physical constraints of a vehicle, we definitely cannot expect a constant proportional increment, instead could find a personalised solution to it.


Can 'carrying a seat of our own' be an answer to these prevailing issues?


Does it necessarily need to be a 'seat' in the first place?




With the increasing pace of technological advancements, many ideas seem workable, either leading towards innovation in the existing systems or invention of a new one.


The solution need not necessarily be dealt with seating. It could very well be something which makes standing less tiring.


The product could just have one purpose, i.e to solve the stated problem, or have added functionalities as well.


It needs to be light in weight and portable in nature. It can either be dedicated to daily commute, or used for various purposes 


A sustainable, low-cost and user-friendly product shall be highly appreciated.


The main objective is to provide sufficient comfort, and not luxury.


It should be universally applicable for majorly accessed means of commute irrespective of physical constraints.


The product when being or not being used, should not create hindrance to other passengers.




The detailed requirements of the entries are as follows:


A maximum 6 – A3 presentation boards in digital format (JPEG or PDF) (120ppi)

Questionnaire formulated by the participants as directed on the submission portal. Refer to Uni Submission guidelines to know more.

Cover image of size 1500 x 600 px or larger in aspect ratio 5:2 should be included in the folder.

Individual images and graphics used in the sheet or any additional images (for publication purpose and not for the judging of entries.

Participants are encouraged to submit additional materials such as prototype images and textual material, by e-mail. However, submission of such material is not obligatory, nor shall their submission/non-submission influence the evaluation process. This data will be used for web publications.

Ensure that the final sheets which are submitted do not include your name or any other mark of identification.

Mention your sheet number on every board.

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5 Март 2018  -  11 Ноември 2018


5 Март 2018  -  31 Август 2018


11 Септември 2018  -  11 Ноември 2018



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Winning and special mention entries will be published on our online media partner’s website, social platforms and under our bi-annual book.
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