Graphis' New Talent Annual 2019
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Added by Sophia Brighton

Experienced photographer with over 15 years of shootings.

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Graphis is committed to present and promote the work of exceptional talent in Graphic Design, Advertising, Photography and Art/Illustration. In addition to the Platinum, Gold, and Silver winners, Graphis also embraces rising talent, all of whom have an equal Archive presentation.

In our hardcover Annuals, Platinum and Gold winners receive full-page exposure, Silvers are also presented and all Merits are listed. Up to 500 entries from each competition are included in the online archive for future reference, where everyone gets the same presentation.

Right now, we are presenting the New Talent Annual 2019 Call for Entries.

Take a peek at the requirements and enter now for the chance to be presented to a broader audience and win an acknowledgment prize.

The New Talent Annual includes the same categories as our professional annuals, thereby the assignments
are meant to match real-world.

  • The Advertising categories focus on the best advertising campaign projects of the year, from Automotive and Beauty to Transportation and Travel.
  • The Photography categories highlight the most incredible examples of Beauty, Fashion, Food, Beverage, Architecture and Portraiture, among others.
  • The Design categories focus on the most visually compelling design projects of the year, from Logos and Packaging to Branding and Illustration.

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Начална дата

25 Юли 2018  -  9 Октомври 2018


25 Юли 2018  -  9 Октомври 2018


10 Октомври 2018  -  10 Февруари 2019



•  Platinum and Gold winners each receive a full-page presentation in the Annual. •   Silver and Merit Winners are also visually presented. •   Winners can be easily accessed on our website and are filtered by category and geographic origin. •   Up to 500 Platinum, Gold, Merit and non-Merit entries are permanently archived on our website. •   The first image in a series will be the presentation image. •   All entries must be submitted according to the templates provided below in order to be considered. •   Submit early for greater exposure and a possible blog promotion.

Общи правила


Guidelines for submitting: •   BRANDING:     1. Branding series incorrectly submitted as a single entry with everything put into one image.     2-6. Branding series. Up to 7 images may be added.     Single entries showing several shots of multiple elements of the brand will not be considered. Please submit a series     entry with an individual image of each aspect of the brand, and you may choose to include a glamour shot. •   EDITORIAL/ANNUAL REPORTS:     7. Incorrect presentation that does not give proper exposure.     8. Editorial series incorrectly submitted as a single entry with everything put into one image.     9-12. Submissions should include the cover image, followed by the six best spreads.     - Each file must be in a rectangular format, measuring 972px by 680px with 15px margin, as shown above.     -Single entries showing one shot of multiple spreads of a book, brochure, annual report, etc. will not be considered.       Please submit a series entry with an individual image of each spread. Always include the cover as the first image.      (Please DOWNLOAD THE EDITORIAL TEMPLATE to use as a guideline) •  GLAMOUR SHOTS:     13-18. Entries can include an additional glamour shot that may be printed in the Annual.     A glamour shot should only be submitted as part of a series, and is not meant to stand on its own. Single glamour     shots will not be considered. •  LOGOS:     19-24. These show proper and incorrect presentation of logos.     - Include the logo on a white or black background as the first image.     - Additional supporting images of the logo application may be added as a series entry.     - Files must be submitted in a square format, measuring 680px by 680px.     (Please DOWNLOAD THE LOGO TEMPLATE to use as a guideline) •  POSTERS: When submitting a poster, please select "poster” as the     category, even if the theme of your poster is similar to the other categories in the menu.
Graphis strongly advises all entrants to obtain permission before using content from another source in their work, and to include appropriate credits (image source or text source) below.


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