Често задавани въпроси (ЧЗВ)

1. How can I vote for/rate my favourite selections?

Every contest has its own rules. We recommend that you read these rules very carefully. But generally only registered users at voubs can vote for/rate a medium. You cannot vote for your own media and you cannot vote more than once for the same user. We want to keep voubs a safe place and guarantee fair competition, so we take fake voting very seriously. Please keep the competition fair and report any suspected cheaters.

2. My media has received some votes but still does not have any points?

We update the total score points every hour. Come back later and your result will be already calculated. We also have a contest option to hide the total score results for a specified time. Read the rules for the contest you want to enter!

3. I have uploaded my media successfully but I am still not in the participants’ list for the contest. What have I done wrong?

Every upload has to be approved by one of our administrators. We need to check if the media complies with the contest rules and if yes, you will be approved very soon. We do our best to accept candidates as soon as possible. Please be patient and do not upload your media more than once!

4. How can I edit/delete my media if I deicide that I do not want to participate in a contest any more or I just do not like it?

We are working on this feature so you can do it manually. The deadline to delete/edit your media is 3 days before the contest ends. After that you won`t be able to delete it. Now the only way to delete your photo is by sending us a message with your reason to do so and we will get back to you with our decision.

5. How can I join a contest?

You can join a contest by entering the contest page and clicking the green JOIN THE CONTEST button. Then you will have to complete 3 simple steps. In the first step, you need to read the Rules of the contest and click ACCEPT if you fully agree with them. The second step is the payment process, if there is an entry fee for the contest. If the contest is free to join, you can just click the CONTINUE button. The third step is the place where you upload your media. Click the ADD FILE button and choose a file from your computer. After selecting it, it will automatically start uploading on our site. When the uploading bar is filled in yellow, the uploading process is complete. You only need to fill in the text for the Title, Description and Tags for your media. At the bottom of the page you will see the green UPLOAD button. Just click on it and you are done! Our administrators will check your upload and will approve it as soon as possible. Good luck!

6. My Friends cannot rate my media?

Your friends need to register at voubs so they can rate any participants. If they are not registered they can help you with facebook likes and/or shares, google+ shares and tweets at twitter if the rules for your contest allow using social networks for voting.

7. My media has a 10 rating but I am not the leader. Why?

Rating is just giving additional points to your media. Whether it is 10 or 1, it will help you move up in the rankings. Of course a 10 is giving you ten times more points than a 1.

8. Is voubs free to use?

Yes, it is! You can always join for free if you are 14 years or older. If you join voubs you will receive the right to participate in our entry free contests and the chance to win its awards. You will receive your own BLOG, your own contest history, you can save your favourite media, you can vote for/rate or write comments about any participant, you can connect with other users and enjoy many more features in the future.

9. My family wants to register and help me with voting. How many accounts can I have from the same IP address?

We can accept a maximum of 4 accounts from the same IP address. We accept that an average family consists of 4 members. So if there are more than 4 users registered from the same IP address, we might suspect that a particular user or participant is trying to cheat and s/he may be banned forever.

10. Should I enter my real name if I am participating in a contest?

In order to receive any awards you must provide your real name and you need to verify your account by sending us a valid identification document (an ID card, passport or driving license), phone number and e-mail address.

11. Is it possible to decline my award?

Yes, it is! We can send awards only to real persons. Each winner is obliged to provide us with a personal bank account and a valid identification document up to 7 days after the contest ends. If we cannot reach the winner and s/he does not get back with their details, we will offer the award to the next participant in the contest ranking. The next participant will also have 7 days to apply for the award. If we cannot reach her/him or if s/he declines to provide us with their details, the organiser may decide to offer the award to the next participant in the rankings, or to leave the contest without a winner.

12. How can I be sure that I will receive my award?

VOUBS is a trademark registered by Famozzo Group LLC. The contests are our products and we are the first ever contest platform in the world. Our main goal is to keep the competition fair and we guarantee all awards to all winners in strict application of the rules.

13. Who can create a contest?

Coming soon

14. How can I create a contest?

Coming soon

15. Is it good business to create a contest at voubs?

Coming soon

16. What are the advantages of creating a contest at voubs?

You will receive your own company page from where you can manage your contest campaigns. Contests are not only the best way to engage users and promote your brand but we have developed the platform so that you can even receive additional income by creating a contest. If you have a huge fan base or if you already are in the event business, have you ever imagined that you can move online with no more effort than 4 easy set-up steps? Yes! You can create the next generation of internet contests through voubs. You can create the next X Factor, Music Idol, America’s got talent, song contest, writing contest, photo contest or any other contest in just a few minutes! - Set up an entry fee and we will automatically collect it through various payment methods - Get your own sponsors on board and display them in front of all your participants - Benefit from the chance to receive quality media rights from your contest winners - Choose your target group by selecting your contest title and topic

17. What does VOUBS means?

Vote for your best selection

18. How many times can I participate with the same media in different contests?

You can participate with the same content only once in our contests. We want you to be creative and provide our contest organisers with brand new materials. That is why we keep an archive of every contest. If you suspect that any user is providing the same content for different contests, please report it to us immediately. Thank you!

19. Will my contest participations be removed, if I decide to delete my profile?

No, your contest participations will remain on our website, so we can track any second registrations trying to join a contest with the same content.