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23 Jan.2021 00:00h
Test email addresses

Nowadays email is one of the most important tools for communication. It is used for work correspondence, for registering on websites and social networks. Almost everyone who uses the Internet has one. But what do you do when you need an e-mail that you only need to use once and forget about it? For example, very often such emails are needed in the work of a tester when checking registration forms, authorisation, sending a letter, etc.

Let's look more closely at what a temporary email is. It can also be called disposable mail. With its help, you can register at any service, protecting yourself from advertising and spam, and not be afraid of robot attacks or hacking. Also, when you create a temporary mail almost never need to register, full anonymity is maintained, messages are delivered quickly and personal data is deleted after the removal of the mailbox. There are quite a few services for creating test mail. Below we will consider some of them.

After logging into the server, the user only needs to do a couple of steps to create a test mail: click "Get a temporary mailbox" and the service will generate an email address. If necessary, you can change the current address to one of your own choosing. Letters are deleted once every 24 hours. Of the disadvantages, the service does not provide the ability to send letters, forward them, as well as there is no way to send a letter with an attachment to the temporary mail.

The service is free, very easy to use, and can be installed as an application on Android and iOS devices. It has a multi-language interface with Russian language support. To create a temporary mail, you just need to open the service and copy the suggested test mail address. At Temp Mail the letters are stored only for one hour and after that they are deleted without the right to restore. The user is completely anonymous, mail and IP address remain hidden. A plus is that all attachments can be downloaded at once, and the service allows you to receive notifications in your browser after the letter arrives.

This service is free and does not require registration. The address created is unique, so personal emails will not become available to other users. You can also reply to incoming mails and forward them to your personal mail. You can guess from the name that the letters are stored for 10 minutes, but if necessary, the storage time can be extended.

This is a mailbox with a rather simple interface. Here you can create an address yourself or the service will create it automatically. The email box is valid for one hour, but if necessary, you can extend its validity time. You can also send letters and receive them with attached files. But there is a rather serious disadvantage - any user is able to view the content of the email address, because it is public.

The service generates it automatically. If 10 minutes is not enough, you can extend it (up to a maximum of 30 days), but this requires registration. If you register with social networks, you can forward letters to the main email and send letters with attachments up to 10 MB. You can also create several one-time addresses. The service's interface supports many languages, including Russian.

This is probably one of the most popular one-time email services. To use it, you need to specify your real mail, and the messages will be sent there. It is also possible to choose the time of validity of temporary mail. There is also a paid account on this service that allows you to create up to 5,000 temporary mails. 

The service is free, there is no need to register and no need to provide a real address. This site provides up to 10 domains. You can use a specially created address or create one yourself. Mails are long-lasting, but messages are deleted once a week, which is much less frequent than on other services and doesn't allow to send mails and receive attachments. Also a disadvantage of this service is that you can't create a password for your mail and it can be viewed by everyone who enters its name. On the plus side is that there is an extension for Chrome.

One of the free services, does not require registration and works quickly and easily. There is no time limit for temporary mail and you can also create an unlimited number of mailboxes. The interesting thing is that temporary mail can be made permanent.

Now we have found out that a temporary email address can be generated automatically as well as created by the user. There are emails that self-destruct after 10 minutes, after an hour, or until the mailbox is deleted.

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