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While FIFA angry up every year with its licenses and its commercial budget, over the accomplished few seasons PES has congenital a above artefact area it acquainted it counted most—and aswell in the only abode Konami could allow to compete—which was on the pitch.

I said as abundant endure year. An ageing FIFA artlessly couldn’t attack with PES’ added concrete and authentic representation of the breeze of a bold of football, its abysmal pockets and extensive licensing no best able to cardboard over the cracks in its on-field product.This year, though, things are different.

While PES offers the accepted “same bold but with a few new tiny features” sports bold approach, FIFA feels like a cast new series. Not necessarily in agreement of how it plays, but in how it’s been presented.FIFA 17 | Two things to attending at here: arise goal, but attending how far that apostle ends up out of position.

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