Carrying lives

12 септември 2015
contest: Фотоконкурс за най-добра снимка на мост
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Carrying lives /media/flashcomm?action=mediaview&context=normal&id=15354
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Anastasia Sönmez
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This is a captured part of a great bridge in Istanbul with tiny cars and even tinier people inside. We are just particles carried by the bridge of the Universe...

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Нели Желязкова   Voted 10 and gave heart. Would you be so kind to vote back for me and give me hearts in these photos?

Thanks and good luck!
13 октомври 2015 13:32:34 UTC
Ivana Ilievska   I voted 10 for you, please vote for me too
Thank you :)
13 октомври 2015 12:30:44 UTC
Jovana Mutavdžić   I voted 10 :)
Vote back ;)
13 октомври 2015 11:17:37 UTC
Corina Gabriela   Very nice photo!! Could you please vote
Thank you and good luck :)
10 октомври 2015 18:35:37 UTC
Maiden Queen   I voted for you a few days ago, can you vote for me too

Thanks in advance ^_^
10 октомври 2015 13:37:48 UTC
Borche Todorovski   Hi,I voted 10 for your photo and clicked heart.Please do the same for my photo.Thanks:
07 октомври 2015 07:41:51 UTC
Petar Sipkoski   Voted 10/45, please vote back
05 октомври 2015 21:27:24 UTC
Georgi Kostov   I voted for you 10! Can you vote for me :)
05 октомври 2015 10:22:30 UTC
Viktoriya Todorova   Voted 10 for your photo! Please vote back if you like mine
05 октомври 2015 08:00:58 UTC
Milan Milosevic   beautiful compsoed shot
Voted (No. 44) 10!
If you like black and white photography, please, check my photo and vote if you like it
03 октомври 2015 10:57:37 UTC
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