The cycle of life in the forest

14 януари 2019
contest: "ПРОМЯНА" 2019 - категория "Околна среда"
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The cycle of life in the forest /media/flashcomm?action=mediaview&context=normal&id=49468
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Nikolay Nikolov Male
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Bistrishko Branishte is one of the oldest natural reserves in Bulgaria, instituted in 1934. However much of the forest inside was actually part of a large afforestation project from the 20s. With the best of intentions but limited knowledge at the time, European spruce was selected as the primary species for the forest of this area.

The specifics of the growth of this particular tree coupled with a tornado in 2001 caused about 750,000 square meters of the forest to die. The dead trees provided plenty of food for the tiny beetle Ips Typographus. It soon spread to the healthy forest and started killing it tree by tree, most of them still standing up. The unwillingness of the authorities to take action, coupled with several warmer than usual winters in a row, allowed the beetle population to kill almost all of the spruce trees inside the reserve. A forest fire in 2012 also did damage to the area.

The forest now is a frightening sight. Looking at the portrait of this once strong tree, now eaten from the inside, scrorched by a fire, but still piercing the sky with it's dead trunk is sad. However we need to remind ourselves of the complexity of natural processes and how human activity can both create and destroy at the same time. We need to look forward to the new forest, already growing up to replace the old, thinking hard and taking the right actions to protect and nurture it.

We have to learn from the mistakes of the past, otherwise we're bound to repeat them.

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