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20 февруари 2018
contest: "Дърво и живот" категория Околна среда
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Kamlesh Rawal Male
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Rajasthan , the culture land of India. Rajasthan is widely famous for its vibrant culture, embodied traditions, and fierce history. Rajasthan is the land of fierce fighters and royalty. Anciently famous for its royal traditions and magnificent monuments and palaces. Even today's era signifies Rajasthan's grace of ancient times. Every corner of Rajasthan gives the feeling of bravery that runs through their blood, after all it is the land where our mother country had her fierce warriors, and they were The Rajputs. Famous for its marvelous monuments and enriched environmental beauty this Rajput's state has the untold stories, within the state's nature, story of the great warriors who gave away their lives for our motherland , to protect her. The trees, the palaces, the caves, the wildlife, it feels like every thing describes the bravery of its ancestors who fought fiercely at this land of vibrant culture and traditions and there is an aberrant feeling or smell of patriotism in its air that seems to be vanished from our age. The work photographs a dried tree portraying itself in a brilliant way signifying how nature, through its various elements speaks about the untold stories of royalty of Rajasthan non verbally. The area is about 9 kms away from the princely city of Alwar about 150 kms away from Delhi. Being on the edge of the state this city has mixture of traditions of its neighboring states. This picture reflects that mixture of culture embodied with bravery.

Категории: Фотография Церемония с награждаване

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