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What Does the Personal Cause Contest Category Include?


There comes a time in people's life when one may really find himself stuck in a catch 22 situation, where he needs help for himself, for a friend or for a family member but he is unable to provide it on his own. At such times, sympathy is the solution and it triggers generosity leading to a union of a group of people who share and work to achieve a common goal. And this is a definition that fully represents the meaning of personal causes. Find out who needs your help or host your contest to help a bud in his dream. Reach people willing to help for projects with subjects like:


  • ·        Volunteering;
  • ·        Medical & Healing;
  • ·        Travel;
  • ·        Animals & Pets;
  • ·        Charity & Nonprofits;
  • ·        Sports;
  • ·        Legal Topics;
  • ·        Religious Subjects;
  • ·        Funeral & Tributes;
  • ·        Weddings & Honeymoons;
  • ·        Community;
  • ·        Education & Learning;
  • ·        Special Events;
  • ·        Family Subjects.


How Can You Help the Cause You Care For?


Helping a cause that you find touching and sincere is easy to do. What you can do is open the contest page of a subject that matters to you and read the information provided by the host that will guide you what would be necessary for the given cause. After that, you should make sure you're using an account on VOUBS and you can enter with your share into the personal cause contest.


If you are willing to do more than required, you can try and contact the host of the contest to discuss if there is anything else that you could provide or you can share the contest over various social media channels.


How to Create Your Own Personal Cause Contest?


To create a contest with a personal cause of your own or someone close to you, you must first log into a registered account. Then you would have to verify that all relevant personal information in that profile is correctly filled in and from there on you could use the create contest feature on our homepage.


Running a contest on our platform is easy to do, takes only a few minutes to enter the compulsory information and is available for everyone to do it. If you or a friend have a worthy dream that you’ve almost given up, now could be the time, so run your cause straightaway!